We are  A STEP AHEAD. Digital Nomads. Senior Executives. Entrepreneurs. Digital Marketers. Moms & Dads. Animal Lovers.
We are friends and colleagues scattered around the world with a variety of backgrounds, sharing a common passion: compiling and sharing useful information for the people that will have great benefit from it. Some of us work for big shot tech companies like Google and Facebook, some of us are university professors, and a number of us are entrepreneurs and digital nomads.
The idea of A Step Ahead originated a couple of years ago when a bunch of long time friends were discussing that they have accumulated a lot of professional and/or hobby-inspired practical insights about a lot of things, and they wanted to "share" this knowledge with other people. Fast forward to today, we are now a group of more than 20 contributors, working across 4 continents. We create e-books, give marketing and creative support to the content owner, and we make sure it is worthy of getting the A Step Ahead seal.
Most of our team members have full time jobs and create e-books as a hobby. We work on a lot of topics, and we work the extra mile to make the books worthwhile to our readers. Our current selection of e-books range from "Child Care Tips from a Working Mom" to "Maximising Your Uber Earnings" to "Eastern Medicinal Herbs".
We also have a very selective process of incoming new contributors. Contact us if you want to be a part of the team!

Years of Experience

Within the team, we have vast amount of professional experience and many of our colleagues work at senior level positions in their companies.


Ranging from coders to music producers to performance artists, A Step Ahead team has definitely a lot to talk about when they gather together!

Digital At Heart

We are inspired by the technology and it's potential benefits to all humans. Some of us not only buy the latest tech gadgets, they make them!

Marketing Support

When we publish an e-book with the A Step Ahead seal, we give the creator free online marketing support with our vast cumulative experience on the topic.

Web Development

We also design the website for the e-book, crate necessary backend and make the site ready to be published, ALL FOR FREE in a couple of days.

Research Support

When a colleague of us needs help on research while creating an e-book, we also provide help with some very useful tools we have access to.

34 e-books published

> 9123 downloads as of January 2016

12 team members

2620 total pages created

E-Book Publishing Process

For every e-book idea, we follow a collaborative approach from start to finish and beyond.


The Idea

An idea for an e-book comes from our team members, either originating from their experience or from something they stumble upon. The idea is shared with our global members at this stage for feedback and evaluation.


Our team members provide feedback on marketability, demand, monetisation opportunity and the niche features of the idea. When we collectively decide that the e-book has a potential, then it is a GO!


While the original owner of the idea creates the content of the e-book, other team members create the website, backend and marketing plan for the e-book. The content and it's quality is thoroughly reviewed before it is final.


The e-book is published using the Team's allocated marketing budget for the projects. The majority of the proceedings go to the original content creator and a small portion is shared within the the contributors. 5% of every sale goes to WWF.


Contact Us

For questions or comments about our publications, or queries about how to become a team member, please send us an email by using the form below.